jackblock What's that you say?

Oh, how quaint! An actual dot com website devoted to a fictional movie character! Have I wandered into a time warp..?

You're quite correct, of course. In an age of Tumblr blogs and other do-it-yourself web pages, you might be tempted to ask: Why keep up this website? What's the purpose, when there are so many other, simpler options now? The answer? Well, sometimes we're not sure ourselves. But if pressed, we'd have to say that we are quite sentimental about the site, and at this point we feel that we have a tradition going (jacksonrippner.com has been online since 2009). While there will rarely be "new" material to share with the world, we've become aware that Mr. Rippner has sustained some surprising longevity with fans, and we are proud to supply these wonderful people with images, video, audio and fanfic specific to their needs. You're welcome.

That said, if you have a content contribution you'd love to see added to the site, please do share! Or, if there is a concern, a question, or any other communique, you can reach us at rippnersite{at}gmail{dot}com. Don't be shy; we would love to hear from you!

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