Fan Fiction

  • Crossing the Line
    by A Pisces Alone

    A prelude to Red Eye from Jackson's perspective, detailing his surveillance of Lisa after six weeks. Part II: movie events...with a twist. Part III: the aftermath of the flight... what really might have happened. Some suggestive situations, mild violence.

  • This is Not Love
    by Nicolina N

    If Lisa had remained attracted to Jackson after what he put her through, then she'd be pretty damaged, wouldn't she? Damaged like him. When Jackson returns, who will drag who down into their own private hell? Warning: dark themes.

  • Fifty Lyrics
    by Cyanidedreams

    A series of oneshots/drabbles all based on a few lines of 50 different lyrics. Each chapter is a separate and completed oneshot. In other words, EACH CHAPTER IS A DIFFERENT STORY unless I say so otherwise.

  • Red Eye Reconciliations
    by Nicolina N

    Jackson is in hospital, recovering from the gunshots. Lisa is unharmed, but barely hanging on. None of them can stop thinking about the events during and after the red eye flight to Miami

  • One Last Detail
    by A Pisces Alone

    A few minutes' time between Lisa and Jackson during the flight, just after her final phone call. Jackson is always thinking ahead... A one-shot taken from a larger work.

  • Shadows on the Ceiling
    by Coneflower Adams

    Lisa wakes to find she is married to the man that has haunted her. Doubt runs through her mind as she tries to decipher what is real and what is fiction.

  • From Bottom to Surface
    by Zzee

    Sequel to Red Eye. One year after the event, Lisa is a lot better, but far from completely well. And of course, things start to turn ...

  • All Work and no Play
    by perletwo

    Jackson's good dog gives him a night off before the events of the movie. He makes good use of the unexpected free time.

  • Keeping Up Appearances
    by CalypsoAntigone

    Life isn't always as perfect as it seems. A RedEye fic with JacksonLisa pairing and a slight Mr. and Mrs. Smith twist.

  • Middle Ground
    by Zzee

    One shot, Jackson x Lisa. Set in an unspecified time after the events of the movie. Jackson has issues.

  • Sanguinary
    by crypris88

    A dangerous secret irreversibly changes Lisa’s life, and she is thrown headfirst into a world of politics, money and murder.

  • Correspondence
    by Vivvian

    One shot. Jackson writes a letter regarding some professional history.

  • The Perfect Opponent
    by Zzee

    Before boarding the plane, Jackson takes a trip down memory lane.

  • A Little Maintenance
    by A Pisces Alone

    A one-shot in which Jackson attends to a basic need.

  • Cat and Mouse
    by Emma

    New fic, from Cynthia's viewpoint... work in progress!

  • Reset
    by Vivvian

    Jackson Rippner attends to unfinished business.