Think you know Red Eye? Hover your cursor over the word answer to find out! Good luck!

  1. 1. What is the name of the airline?   Answer
  2. 2. On which side of Lisa's body is her scar?   Answer
  3. 3. In which city is the Lux Atlantic located?   Answer
  4. 4. Who authored the book that Jackson sarcastically reads to Lisa during the flight?   Answer
  5. 5. When the flight attendant offers snacks to him, does Jackson choose pretzels or peanuts?   Answer
  6. 6. What time does Jackson claim to have witnessed Lisa making scrambled eggs in her home?   Answer
  7. 7. What does Jackson promise Lisa they will have at Starbucks after their flight?   Answer
  8. 8. What television program does Jackson tell Lisa that her father was watching, last he heard?   Answer
  9. 9. What room number does Lisa switch Keefe to, at Jackson's request?   Answer
  10. 10. What character is on the pen that Jackson gets stabbed with?   Answer
  11. 11. What color is Joe Reisert's wallet?   Answer
  12. 12. How old is the little blond girl?   Answer
  13. 13. What drink does Jackson guess is Lisa's favorite?   Answer
  14. 14. What kind of weapon is a Ka-Bar?   Answer
  15. 15. What is Jackson holding in line at the airport?   Answer
  16. 16. According to Jackson, who has the best nachos in the airport?   Answer
  17. 17. What is Jackson's seat number on the plane?   Answer
  18. 18. What is the name of the fishing boat?   Answer
  19. 19. What color is the luggage that the little girl trips Jackson with?   Answer
  20. 20. How many total times is Jackson shot?   Answer
  21. 21. According to Jackson, Joe Reisert's wallet was sitting next to what picture at home?   Answer
  22. 22. What are the names of the irate regulars at the Lux Atlantic?   Answer
  23. 23. Finish Jack's sentence: "Usually when things are going perfectly, you're back on track, everything's going to plan, and then one day, out of nowhere..."   Answer
  24. 24. What time will the Keefes arrive at the Lux Atlantic?   Answer
  25. 25. What does Lisa write on the bathroom mirror in the plane?   Answer
  26. 26. What kind of car does the assassin outside Lisa's dad's drive?   Answer
  27. 27. How long did Jackson follow Lisa before they met?   Answer
  28. 28. What does Lisa take from Jackson before exiting the plane?   Answer
  29. 29. What does Jackson take from the blond woman before exiting the plane?   Answer
  30. 30. Besides the pen, what other object does Lisa stab Jackson with?   Answer
  31. 31. What does Lisa shout while running on the moving walkway?   Answer

Bonus questions

  1. What is Lisa's hotel PIN?   Answer
  2. What is Lisa's father's street address, according to Jackson?   Answer


0-10     Looks like you need to watch the movie again!

11-20   Nice surveillance work!

21-31   Outstanding! Jackson just might have to steal you!

Bonus questions   Did you cheat?? ;)